24 febrero 2008

The Brave One

New York, the safest big city in the world. But it is horrible, to fear the place you once loved, and to see a street corner you knew so well, and be afraid of its shadow. To see familiar steps, be unable to climb them. I never understood how people lived with fear. Women afraid to walk home alone, people afraid of white powder in their mailbox, darkness and night. People afraid of people.

I always believed that fear belonged to other people, weaker people. It never touched me and then it did. And when it touches you, you know that it's been there all along, waiting beneath the surfaces of everything you loved. And your skin crawls, and your heart sickens, and you look at the person you once were, walking down that street, and you wonder, will you?... will you ever be her again?

It is astonishing, numbing, to find that inside you there is a stranger. One that has your arms, your legs, your eyes. A sleepless, restless stranger who keeps walking, keeps eating, keeps living.

There is no going back to that other person... that other place. This thing, this stranger... she is all you are now.

Erica Bain (Jodie Foster), The Brave One - Movie.

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